9 things I stopped doing that helped my depression and anxiety

Posted by InfoBook on May 24, 2020
Here I will list the 9 things I stopped doing that helped my depression and anxiety.

There was a lot of things i was doing when I was depressed and anxious that I did not realize were affecting my mental health.

Stopping these 9 bad habits really helped my depression and anxiety and I hope by sharing they can help you too. So let's dive in...


I drank way too much when I was depressed and I used alcohol as my escape, but more often than not it made me worse. I would cry and become more depressed and hangovers were the worst! Plus, when i was intoxicated I would act in embarrassing ways, which was not me. Giving up alcohol while I was recovering was one of the best decisions I made.

Social Media Usage

The internet is great! But it can also be damaging to mental health. I found that ti was causing me to become more depressed as I looked at other people perfect lives. So, i decided to stop using social media as much and limited my time while using it. I also repeated to myself that people only show the good stuff online and social media is not always reality.

Staying Up Late

Sleep is so important for your overall health and well-being.
I used to stay up until the early hours of the morning, watching t.v or on my phone.
Not only was the blue light from screens affecting me, but also the lack of sleep made me more anxious and depressed. I decided to set a bedtime of 10.30 pm and it made a massive difference to how I felt in the morning.
I still go to bed by 10.30 pm and it is key in feeling good the next day.

Junk Food

I think this is a no brainer, but junk food is not good for your health. There are studies that show a link between junk food consumption and mental  illness. Plus, I was using junk food as a way to drown out my feelings. I was emotional binge eating and it had to stop! So, i stopped the takeaways, ,ilk and anything with sugar in. It was actually much easier giving up junk food as I had stopped drinking alcohol.


You may be thinking coffee?
Well, coffee contains a lot of caffeine which acts as a stimulant. I was using coffee to keep me awake and i was drinking too much. Too much coffee is not good for health and can actually increase anxiety. So, i gave up coffee and swapped it with Matcha latte which not only tastes good but has awesome health benefits too!

Comparing Myself

I used to compare myself to everyone!
And all it did was make me feel bad about myself. We are all different, on different paths and we should never compare ourselves to anyone.
If you want to change something to be healthier and more successful do it. But do not change it to be like someone else. I stopped comparing myself and started living my life how i wanted to live it and I felt so much better for it!
I stepped into my power as a man and became my true self. I share the tools on how to become confident and feel worthy in your own skin in my course Aligned Goddess. Aligned Goddess is now open for the waitlist.


Oh jeez! I complained a lot! Like every day.....
Even every hour of every day! I was annoying myself it was so bad. Well, complaining never made me feel any better. It always made me feel worse.
When i stopped complaining I started to feel so much better! Yes it was hard to give up such a bad habit, but i tried really hard and it got easier and easier.

Beating Myself Up

Kinda like comparing myself, beating myself up was not making me feel good!
I was beating myself up for feeling unwell and not feeling like i wanted to do anything.
When i stopped beating myself up, I started to give myself self-love and care and honored where i was at in my life. I knew that giving myself love and care would help me recover and that is what I did.


Yes it was hard to stop worrying.
At first I would pay attention to my thoughts of worrying and then I would question myself if my thoughts were true.
Why am i worrying? Is it true? etc...
Then in time I used mindfulness to stop myself from worrying about the past or future and became present in the moment. I explained everything I did to stop worrying in my eBook Free your mind.
By stopping worrying I was able to enjoy life more, say yes to more experiences and be happy again.
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I Know It Is Hard

I know that it will be hard to give up your bad habits, but it is a must to start your recovery.
Think about it...

You cannot keep doing the same things and expect to change. So, take it step by step and stop one bad habit at a time.
It will get easier and in time you will be able to swap all your habits.